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 Those who are diligent with us will prosper. Those who are hesitant a lifetime will pass them by and all their talent will grow old and they will look back on 20 years and it will be as a day. _ john roark 

Note: Due to our Easy Going way of Directing we Bring out the “Best In You!”

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We are working with independent Talent around the world.
You can make as much as $100 to and $3000 and more a month After you start a Portfolio Page with us. We create Movies and Music Videos and even if you don’t make it in one of our movies, you can still share your photos with us and be on our Greeting Cards For Talent. We our an acting agent for our Team Members and are in touch with other Production companies for movies but our Portfolio pages are unlike any Talent agency in the world, we will be developing your portfolio pages to be sponsored in our upcoming Paper in Feb of Next year where Talent will be Featured and receive up to 50% of the Price of the Ad. – john roark
Talk to us John 888 288 0024 or knoxvillefm@gmail.com


Internet Models

We will be collecting photos from our Talent that they own or give them create photo portfolios  of  multiple industries.  We are creating a photo base of photos for the mom and pop companies of the world. All Talent will get a piece of the pie. There are about 50 industries we are mostly interested in from Restaurant to Vape Shops, Service Stations, Gyms, Food, Personal Trainers to name a few.

Strike a Pose!

Our movies under production have scenes in them that require the talent to ” Strike a Pose ” Anybody that can do it and look cool as long as they have a camera or access to one better than a Cell phone, such as a GoPro camera and above that can shoot 4 k video.

Complete the projects as a sub-businesses to ours or we will see if you can make the grade and be a part of one of our teams.

Greeting Card Models

Our site www.handpaintedcard.com is now selling cards in our unique marketing system that is not on the internet. When you are selected and signed to be on our cards you will receive $1 for every card sold according to our agreements. The cards are sold directly to Businesses and not on the internet. If we sell 50 cards to one business using your photo you will get a $50 check.  If our nationwide salesforce sells 1000 you get $1000 for one photo you have signed the model release form to.

Sponsors can pay for your outfits!

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Creating The Best of You!

90 % of the world is doing something they don’t like. They all have visions of other things and few arrive. But what is it when you arrive, Our thoughts: You arrive when you have no car payments, No rent and plenty of money coming in a month. Oh yeah, when you can take off 12 weeks out of the year and it doesn’t affect your lifestyle. We encourage our teams to have no bills that put them under the bondage of having to work. We have both marketing companies and our Talent companies that have the opportunity to set anyone free.

One of our presidents said: ” There is a tide in the affairs of men that if taken at the peak leads to success but if missed those opportunities never come again. ”  Our visions are set in stone, we are tired of the starving artist being broke and Jump on in the water is fresh and the roads we encourage can be a gold mine for some.

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Join our Talent Newsletter and we will share information weekly on our friends in these businesses and some are making $7000 a month and more. This is not Ripleys Believe it or not. This is you – You have start at the bottom and put your butt to work.  3 Jobs at minimum wage in America can make you some decent wages but it will turn you into a boring person with a weird life of doing nothing.  -john roark

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Our Business

Is your Freedom to respect and Great Money


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Latest News

WELCOME SOE WEY from Lebanon Tn for both of our Platforms! Businessman, Barber, Writer, Actor and More! Winner of $130 air restore unit.

Introducing Composer Peter A. From Poland selected for one of our main composers to create music ready for the Recording Studio. His Portfolio Pages are now being Created. He has so far composed over a dozen songs for us. Congradualtions Peter!

We will have sponsors for our paper coming out in Feb of next year and we will share the profit of 3 and 4 hundred dollars with you from 25% to 50% of the cost of the ads but: “You – The Talent-  Will be the Featured our  paper And the  Advertiser will be hanging our Your Coattails! You will be the Featured, “FIrst Read” of Our Paper

Models Wanted
Email us @ models@goodmorning.am.   All Models selected must speak to one of our Talent Recruiters by meetings on our 888 number. When Schedualed you will have a specific Time to chat with the Recruiter . Our 888 will be programed to their specific number and that window of oppertunity may be lost if you are not timely in communicating with set appointment time. John and Jamie are no longer directly speaking with Talent only Talent Recruiters will start our Communications with you.
Send us your photos After we speak to you by phone or skype will we go into a business agreement concerning the rights of your photos on our Greeting cards.
We are creating a photo collection for our Greeting Cards. Agreements must be signed. We have visions of needing a seperate factory to create all of our greeting cards and productions our ideas and cards will not be posted online but only sold to Businesses by direct sales personall .

We Share Information about our Movies In Progress Talent can Make Money

Talent can be in our upcoming  Paper to be published in Feb 2019
All Sites Listed below are associated with Our Talent  and owned by John and Jamie Roark and Family
You are on www.AgoodJob.us  www.knoxville.fm www.handpaintedcard.com www.crossville.biz Knoxville.fm is our site concerning our movies and talent, agoodjob.us is our site helping and encouraging people with talent to make more money in the movie industry and sharing links on how to do better in whatever job you may be in, Handpaintedcard.com is our worldwide postal cards being sent all over the world with talent url’s on the back of their movie clips and making custom cards for $7 being made for people not having enough time to mail out their own cards. Finally, www.crossville.biz is an amazing site for a marketing any business or idea on the web and you can make a ton of money helping others work with this system. Some people are now making over $6000 a month and there are over 20,0000 people involved already worldwide. ( All Verified )